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The Grand Caravan Event!
15-04-2024 16:24


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been completed.


Time of Completion: Monday, April 15, 2024 17:30 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)




- Carnival Event has ended.
- Game Client updated.
- O-Shield+ Anti-cheat system has been upgraded.


The Grand Caravan Event!

After long hours of battle, Merchants and Hunters regrouped and decided to continue their job activities on Origin Online.

Thieves also reorganized and planned for their retribution against merchants and hunters.


[Event Schedule]

April 27, 2024. 09:00 and 15:00 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)


Part 1: Trade Run with the GM.

[Event Procedure]

1. GM will announce the start of the event in-game.
2. Merchants who want to participate should wear job suit, buy transportation and trade goods. Hunters and Thieves should also wear their job suits.
3. Merchants and Hunters should meet the Trader GM at the town. Thieves should also meet the Thief GM in another town or area.
4. Trader GM will rally other merchants and hunters from starting point of the trade run and will lead to the end point of trade run. At the same time, Thief GM will lead the thieves to attack the caravan.
5. Trade run will be finished once merchants and hunters sell the goods and gain profit at the trade centers and/or if thieves rob and sell the goods at Stolen Goods Dealer at Bandit Den.



[Screenshot of GM’s Trade Run]


- Players that belong to any job class and of any job level can join the event.

- No limit in the amount of trade volume. Participants may do 1-5* trade.



Part 2: Trade Run Video Contest
Event Schedule: April 28 ~ May 12, 2024

1. Players must make a video of the Grand Caravan using any video recording software and upload it in a Video Hosting Site.
2. The Video maker’s job alias must be visible in the video wearing a job suit and participating in the Grand Caravan.
3. Top 10 videos will win the event.

[How to submit a video?]
1. Take a video in-game during the event then upload it to YouTube
2. Log in to Origin Online official forums at Forum.playorigin.com
3. Click the thread General Discussion ’Event: The Grand Caravan Trade Run Video Contest’
4. In the comment section, write a simple introduction of the video, post the video link or URL then click post, you must have a forum account to do so.

- Character Name of the video maker should be indicated in the video.
- Any post not related to the event will be deleted or not approved.
- Players with offensive/obscene/racist character names and job alias will be automatically disqualified.

Winners will receive the following prizes:
1 Winner: +10 11th Degree Seal of Nova Weapon.
3 Winners: +7 10th Degree Seal of Sun Weapon.
6 Winners: +5 10th Degree Seal of Moon Weapon.

- The item that will be provided will be based on the primary weapon equipped on the winner’s character on May 12, 2024.
- The Weapon prize does not have any magic options.

We look forward to enjoy this new event with all our players!

Origin Team

Inspection Completed - Carnival Event
17-02-2024 15:30


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been completed.


Time of Completion: Saturday, February 17, 2024 15:30 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)




Carnival Event: February 17 to April 15, 2024.


- New Event Exclusive Avatars!

- New Limited Edition Avatars have been added to Item Mall to celebrate the Carnival season (Dress Only)



- The Balloon Hunt is on!

Hunt down balloons spawning all over the map and get rewarded! The higher the Balloon level, the better the prize.

Potion Balloon: Level 15
50k HP
Location: Jangan/Donwhang Areas
Reward: 5 Silk+ 5M Gold

Jewel Balloon: Level 40
200k HP
Location: Samarkand Areas
Reward: 10 Silk + 10M Gold

Ufo Balloon: Level 70
500K HP
Location: Hotan/Karakoram/Taklamakan Areas
Reward: 20 Silk + 20M Gold

Unicorn Balloon: Level 100
Location: Roc Mountain Area.
Reward: 50 Silk + 50M Gold

Rewards are delivered directly to your character's gold in inventory and silk is delivered directly to your Silk balance in Item Mall.


- Roc has arrived!

The Ruler of Roc Mountain has arrived to Origin Online! Can you take it on?

By defeating Roc, you will gain fabolous prizes, including:

Gold Coins.
Silk Scrolls.
Gold Bars to sell for gold.
11th Degree Lucky Magic Powders.
Unique "Roc Slayer" title.
50 Unique Points.
Pandora Box.

Spawning twice a day at 10:30AM and 10:30PM Server time.
Key of Bloodline is required to enter Roc's Nest at the center of Roc Mt. It's available for purchase at the Battle Arena Item Manager NPC in Hotan.
Only players of level 101 and above can enter Roc's Nest.


- Attendance Event: February 18 to March 18.

Login Everyday, Check Attendance and Get Rewarded!

*Click the calendar icon next to the Origin menu to open the calendar. The calendar icon will only show up during the event period.



P-A-R-T-Y Letter Collection Event!

Hunt level 40+ monsters to drop event letters. Once the word PARTY is completed, head over the Carnival So-Ok NPC and exchange for amazing prizes that include our Red Variant of the Circus Avatar! (Dress and Hat)

* Event Letters and Avatar prizes cannot be sold or traded.


- Limited time Item sell.

For a limited time during the event:

Pandora Box and Monster Scrolls are available for purchase at the Battle Arena Items Manager.

Rideable Balloon vehicles are available at the Grocery Shop NPC in each town.


New Upcoming Events!

Grand Caravan Event: More information to be posted during the Carnival Event period.

Balloon Race Event: More information to be posted during the Carnival Event period.



The Journey continues!

Origin team


April 16, 2024

21:45:39 (GMT -4)

STATUS: Online

  • Capture The Flag

  • Battle Arena (Score)

  • Battle Arena (Flag)

  • Specialty Trade

  • Fortress War


Current Cap Level 110

Solo EXP/SP 3x

Party EXP/SP 5x

Races Chinese & European

Mastery Chinese: 330 - European: 220


  • Ferdy has killed Cerberus 9 mins ago
  • Daycept has killed Isyutaru 19 mins ago
  • ll_Kira_ll has killed Tiger Girl 47 mins ago
  • The_Hero has killed Lord Yarkan 52 mins ago
  • ll_Kira_ll has killed Captain Ivy 56 mins ago
  • Mopar has killed Uruchi 1 hour ago
  • NukerLord has killed Isyutaru 1 hour ago
  • BloodLetting has killed Tiger Girl 3 hours ago
  • Cheeezeeey has killed Demon Shaitan 3 hours ago
  • ALPINO has killed Lord Yarkan 4 hours ago