Account Recovery
Server Inspection Completed
22-01-2024 14:37


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been completed.


Time of Completion: Monday, January 22, 2024 14:40 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)




- Battle Arena item point requirement is now set to 23700.
- Disabled Zerk potion usage in Battle Arena.
- Fixed Auto Attack function, to prevent skill bugs on Wizzards Skills.
- Restored Lava Trap and Offering skills to their original values (Higher attack power)
- Uniques from Holy Water Temple and Job Cave can no longer be stuck. They will not chase the player.
- Fixed Typo in Gear Upgrade Stone.
- Added description to Premium PLUS about the Extra 100% Experience and Skill points given.
- Zero Exp Scroll has been changed from 12 hours to 6 hours for half the price. It will now run only during game time, not real time, which will ease its use.
- Added Devil/Angel Spirit S - Gender Change Scroll to Item Mall.
- Added Ability Pet - Name Change Scroll to Item Mall.


The Journey continues!

Origin team

Premium Currency Price change Notice
11-01-2024 20:00



This is Origin Online.

We are reaching out to you with an important announcement regarding a forthcoming change in our game's economy. After careful analysis and consideration, we have made the decision to increase the price of Silk, 150 units of silk are now priced at $10 USD. This decision was not made lightly, and we want to provide you with a transparent and detailed explanation of the reasons behind this adjustment.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that Origin Online has been a thriving community for nearly six years. During this time, we have committed ourselves to maintaining a stable and enjoyable gaming environment, consistently bringing you new and exciting content. Our dedication to providing a high-quality gaming experience has been unwavering, and this change is part of our ongoing effort to ensure the long-term sustainability of Origin Online.

The primary reason for the increase in Silk prices is inflation. Just as with any other sector, the gaming industry is not immune to the economic changes and challenges that arise over time. Over the past few years, the costs associated with maintaining and developing Origin Online have significantly increased. These costs include server maintenance, staff salaries, development of new content, and other operational expenses. In order to continue delivering the quality and service you have come to expect from us, it is necessary to adjust our pricing to reflect these increased costs.

Another critical aspect to consider is the value of Silk within the game. We have always strived to balance the in-game economy in a way that ensures fairness and enjoyment for all players, whether they purchase Silk or not. By adjusting the price of Silk, we are taking a step towards maintaining this balance in the light of the evolving economic landscape.

We understand that this decision may come as a surprise and could be a cause for concern. However, we want to reassure you that our commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience remains our top priority. The increased revenue from Silk will be directly reinvested into the game, allowing us to bring you even more exciting content, improved game features, and enhanced server stability.

In closing, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your trust and loyalty over the years. Origin Online is more than just a game; it is a community, and you are an integral part of its success. We hope for your understanding and support as we implement this necessary change, and we are excited to continue this journey together, bringing you the best online gaming experience possible.

Thank you for being a part of the Origin Online family.



The Origin Online Team


June 14, 2024

17:50:28 (GMT -4)

STATUS: Online

  • Capture The Flag

  • Battle Arena (Score)

  • Battle Arena (Flag)

  • Specialty Trade

  • Fortress War


Current Cap Level 110

Solo EXP/SP 3x

Party EXP/SP 5x

Races Chinese & European

Mastery Chinese: 330 - European: 220