Game Rules

It is important to read this information so that you as the player know what you can or cannot do.

*Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse.

1. The use or promotion of bots is forbidden and will be banned according to the level of offense at our discretion.

2. Game client modifications are forbidden.

3. Promotion or mention of other servers in general chat/global is forbidden.

4. Selling items, gold, silk for real money is forbidden.

5. Selling or trading game accounts is forbidden.

6. Do not share your ID or password with anyone, complaints about hacking account won't get any support from the staff. It is your responsability to keep your account info safe.

7. Respect staff members.

8. No racism at all is allowed.

9. Impersonating a staff member will get you banned for life.

10. Use of temporary or disposable email for account registration is not allowed, the account will be terminated without prior notice.

11. Bug or exploit abusers will get punished according to the gravity of it. If you find such things, better report it to the GM's directly at the forum via Private message.

12. Invalid names: No offensive, racist, or staff impersonating names are allowed.

13. The staff is not responsible for user mistakes, such as buying the wrong item, getting scammed by other players, alchemy mistakes and such.

*Notice. If you see someone violating this rules, please take a Screenshot or Video as a proof, and report them in the forum. Only unedited Screenshots (this includes the filename) are approved as a proof, reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless and you might get a warning for false reporting.

*We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice, so please check this topic once in a while.


-Origin Team


08:27:47 (GMT -4) STATUS: Online

  • Capture The Flag

  • Battle Arena (Score)

  • Battle Arena (Flag)

  • Specialty Trade

  • Hotan Fortress

  • Bandit Fortress


Current Cap Level 90

Solo EXP/SP 3x

Party EXP/SP 5x

Races Chinese & European

Mastery Chinese: 270 - European: 180


  • __BadBoy__ has killed Salamander 38 mins ago
  • DaOneAndOnly has killed Lord Yarkan 42 mins ago
  • Zentiro has killed Uruchi 43 mins ago
  • masticK has killed Isyutaru 47 mins ago
  • RoXoR has killed Demon Shaitan 48 mins ago
  • Bogs_Ph has killed Undine 1 hour ago
  • Parasit has killed Cerberus 1 hour ago
  • WizzJizz has killed Uruchi 2 hours ago
  • WizzJizz has killed Tiger Girl 2 hours ago
  • NaleeK has killed Tiger Girl 3 hours ago