About Forbidden Tools
17-03-2020 15:32


This is Origin Online.


Some of you still have issues with the Forbidden tool detection.

It seems like some player PCs have installed 3rd party add-ons into their browsers that open cmd.exe (Windows Command Line) when you open the browser. Also may be infected with some adware or malware that executes cmd.exe even without opening any browser. Because Cmd.exe is part of the forbidden tools, the security system gets triggered.

We are not blocking any browser, 95% of players can play normally, it is only a small group with this problem, and that's the cause.

So please check your PCs and browsers for any adware or malware installed. Scan/repair your operating system, and the detection will be gone.

We have done several tests in different machines and the issue is really not ours, but an issue with some 3rd party add-ons installed on browsers or infected with adware/malware that run cmd.exe without telling you.
On clean PCs this does not happen.

We hope this can clarify the situation and help you get the problem solved.

For the full list of forbidden tools Click Here


The Journey Continues!

Origin Team

Server Inspection Completed
16-03-2020 13:21


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been completed.


Time of Completion: Tuesday, March 16, 2019 14:00 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)



- Major server optimization and cleanup.

- Increased server's player slots.

- Updated Security system.

- Preparation code for new content (TBA)


The Journey Continues!

Origin Team


April 03, 2020

15:42:20 (GMT -4)

STATUS: Online

  • Capture The Flag

  • Battle Arena (Score)

  • Battle Arena (Flag)

  • Specialty Trade

  • Fortress War


Current Cap Level 90

Solo EXP/SP 3x

Party EXP/SP 5x

Races Chinese & European

Mastery Chinese: 270 - European: 180


  • RefAtWork has killed Isyutaru 17 mins ago
  • EvILHearT has killed Tiger Girl 22 mins ago
  • EvILHearT has killed Uruchi 50 mins ago
  • RefAtWork has killed Lord Yarkan 1 hour ago
  • EmreRS6 has killed Tiger Girl 1 hour ago
  • NameIesS has killed Uruchi 2 hours ago
  • ReFLeXx has killed Isyutaru 2 hours ago
  • Doener_1 has killed Cerberus 2 hours ago
  • RefAtWork has killed Salamander 2 hours ago
  • _Gr4nG3r_ has killed Demon Shaitan 2 hours ago