Server Inspection Completed
27-03-2020 14:16


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been completed.


Time of Completion: Friday, March 27, 2019 14:30 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)



- Server Host Migration completed successfully.
- Stall Network has been Added. Sellers will get their items automatically registered when they open stall. Buyers should Press (F) To open the Stall Network Search Window.
- DPS Meter for Uniques has been Added. It shows the damage ranking of players that attack a Unique when killed. Visible to all players in the server.
- Guild Limit has been increased to 32 for Level 5 Guilds.
- Fixed conflict with browsers that caused false forbidden tool detections.
- Security System update.
- Improved Website Security and Speed.
- Removed Specialty Goods trading at 00:00 and 04:00 to focus trading on the game's most active hours, between 8:00 to 20:00 server time.

* The updated client v2.034 has been uploaded to the Downloads section, for those who have issues getting the update automatically.


The Journey Continues!

Origin Team

Server Migration Announcement
26-03-2020 12:30


This is Origin Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant and smooth gaming experience a server inspection has been scheduled.


Time : Friday, March 27, 2020 12:00 Origin Standard Time (GMT -4)

Estimated Duration: 2:00 Hours.



- Server Migration


Due to our constantly increasing Playerbase and our mission to improve the gameplay experience, we are migrating our current host to a much better one for increased reliability, stability and performance.

This is also the first step towards increasing the player slots in-game. However, this will require a complete rework of our current server/game system, which will require some time to complete.


We thank all our dear players for your continuous support and help to keep a clean and fair community for everyone.


The Journey Continues!

Origin Team


April 10, 2020

02:43:12 (GMT -4)

STATUS: Online

  • Capture The Flag

  • Battle Arena (Score)

  • Battle Arena (Flag)

  • Specialty Trade

  • Fortress War


Current Cap Level 90

Solo EXP/SP 3x

Party EXP/SP 5x

Races Chinese & European

Mastery Chinese: 270 - European: 180


  • Ares_ has killed Uruchi 40 mins ago
  • WizZexBR has killed Lord Yarkan 1 hour ago
  • Rowena has killed Tiger Girl 1 hour ago
  • CentinelaBR has killed Salamander 1 hour ago
  • WizZexBR has killed Isyutaru 1 hour ago
  • maay has killed Undine 1 hour ago
  • Kaido_San has killed Lord Yarkan 2 hours ago
  • BaoBao_VN has killed Uruchi 3 hours ago
  • WizZexBR has killed Tiger Girl 3 hours ago
  • S1mOne has killed Cerberus 4 hours ago